Tall Ridged Porcelain Lamp by MoonPorcelain Dingle Kerry Wild atlantic Way Ireland

About me

My name is Susanne Mooney. I live and work in Dingle, which has been my home since I moved here from Germany almost 30 years ago.

About MoonPorcelain

I have been using different kinds of clay for many years, but porcelain is by far my favourite clay body. I simply love the texture and feel of it. With MOONPORCELAIN pieces I create a variety of translucent nightlight holders and lamps, which create beautiful subtle glows when in use as the light shines through the porcelain body or hand-carved designs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them....

Each MoonPorcelain piece is individually handcrafted to produce a unique ornamental piece that lights up your living space with a warm soothing glow when in use.
Porcelain nightlight holders, hanging vases and lamp range by MoonPorcelain Dingle Kerry Wild atlantic Way Ireland

If you have a project in mind, I would be delighted to discuss commissioned work with you.